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O comforts but prison food card games and cigarettes To survive endless days without the touch of another human beingFive years after Gabriel's incarceration Joey Cooper arrives at Wentworth Every convict claims imprisonment through a miscarriage of justice but Joey is truly blameless Trained at Oxford as a physician the young doctor is innocent of pr I so so so liked this bookShock the heck out of me but I did I typically can’t handle thi

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When Gabriel MacKenna enters Wentworth Prison in 1931 he promises himself two things never to be buggered and never to turn prison ueer Tough smart and ruthless in a fight he uickly makes a name for himself inside But Gabriel saved from the noose by a social crusader is serving two life sentences And life is a very long time to endure Wentworth with n Review completed December 13 2012 The price of protection is simple You have to let me tou

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Ison culture and too handsome for his own good Facing eighteen years behind Wentworth's towering gates Joey cannot hope to survive without protection And protection is just what Gabriel MacKenna offers At a price Warning this book is an erotic romance It contains adult situations and graphic sexThe second edition also includes the bonus short story CO How to review? Firstly I have to say this is not my normal choice of story I much prefer my Lavventuroso Simplicissimus eighteen years behind Wentworth's towering gates Joey cannot hope to survive without protection And protection is just what Gabriel MacKenna offers At a price Warning this book is an The Shape of the Ruins erotic romance It contains adult situations and graphic sexThe second Chickens in Your Backyard edition also includes the bonus short story CO How to review? Firstly I have to say this is not my normal choice of story I much prefer my

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    Compelling than a little beautiful and sad as fuckA little clumsy in the beginning; musically measured in the middle; and nearly perfect at the end which I found almost literally stunningI didn't see it coming and I'm glad because it felt real—as real as the best of what came beforeI'd have preferred not to have been in Gabriel's head at all; for it to have been purely Joey's perspective all the way through It would have heightened the violence of the opening scenes and rendered the whole a kind of elegiac portrait of MacKenna through Joey's imperfect sightStillPowerfully touching with some passages ascending to the sublimeI've read the codaI found it moving and superfluous and profound and sillyBut I remain destroyed I had to stroke a cat until the blubbering stopped

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    Review completed December 13 2012 The price of protection is simple You have to let me touch you Kiss you Not every time the lights go out Not every night of the week But enough It's kinda strange but after finishing this novella that ended at 77 % I was so stunned that I felt nothing at all I didn't shed a single tear I guess it happens now and then that you feel the full impact of a story a day or two after you've closed the book Anyway I'm sitting in front of my laptop trying to gather my wits to write a decent review and everything is crashing down on me Protection is difficult to review so bear with me when I'm not able to knock it out of the park I've gone with you as far as I can I'll be waiting for you 1936 Wentworth Men's Prison What does a man do who has no chance at a life outside of prison? As a matter of fact when there are no women around to satisfy a man's needs he turns to other male inmates And Joseph Joey Cooper comes in pretty handy He is a doctor convicted of malpractice and gross negligence The rules are simple appease one man remain alive and uninjured Cooper was beautiful yet not feminine As a free man Gabriel's appetite for sex had been prodigious Now that he knew he couldn't last another thirty forty or fifty years on the occasional hand job or suck off perhaps it was time to accept masculine beauty? There is a view spoilerrape scene hide spoiler

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    May 2018This still tew much 😭😭😭😭Love it till the end of time^^A MUST FREAKING READ^^45SA Reid is definitely a fave author of mine and this heartbreaking tale makes her an author to watch out for Something Different was the first book I read by this author and I loved it so much Protection is another winner though both books are as different as night and dayGabriel Mackenna is serving two life sentences with no chance of parole He knows he will live and die in prison He decides he's going to rule his permanent home because he refuses to become bitch to any man He is both respected and liked by guards and inmates and they know you don't mess with anything that Mackenna ownsWhen new inmates arrive Joseph Cooper is a part of the new arrivals He is completely unaware of the effect he's having on the men especially that of Gabe Mackenna He is completely unaware of the things about to befall himWhen the men meet for the first time it's no sunshine and rainbows Gabe is violent and evil and Joseph suffers in a way no man should He becomes victim to a man who protects victims All this happens because of Gabe’s anger towards himself for feeling something for Joseph something he said he would never feel for another manThe story progresses by showing the relationship between Gabe and Joey Though not an easy start it does become a genuine relationship I am just all sorts of impressed by the realism in this story Everything is believable and nothing ever becomes too over the top Though it depicts the harsh times of prison life there is an undertone of lightness in the writing and found myself smiling and wanting the best possible outcome for the loversI loved Gabe which is unbelievable because he isn’t the most likable person in the beginning I fell in love with him and I am just so happy he had Joey and they had each other cries It was beautiful and let me just throw this out there some kind of seriously hotOverall I loved this book The story will not be for everyone because it doesn't have a HEA but why avoid a great book to avoid disappointment and sadness it would be your loss The writing is excellent and the story beautiful and it's what I think jail life would have been in the 1930s I wrote this review without giving away spoilers and now it's up to you to experience Protection you will cry the saddesthappiest tears though that just might be all me

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    45 Stars I am feeling completely todaySoANDMy favourite review Annery's review

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    God this novella On my favorites shelf this little gem goesI buddy read Protection and it’s actually pretty rare for my partners in crime and I to be unanimously impressed But the author with the misleading penname pulled it off once again If it’s up to me I’d say T Baggins is probably one of the better writers in the MM genre and she really deserves to be on your radar You don’t want to know how many times I’ve heard people mention that they’re surprised or blown away by this author’s work not having expected it because she’s so underratedAnd at first glance this prison story is little than a humble novella with a cheap looking cover no matter what version you pick But oh man appearances – like pennames — can be deceiving Rather than another horny fantasy about inmates that reads like themed porn this is a beautifully written and touching story that managed to linger in my mind for days to come The brilliant thing about Protection is that it packs a punch but at the same time is neither very grim nor overly sweet I think it’s one of those stories that could click with many readers for various reasons There’s constant breath holding tension but no angst overkill There’s heartbreak and sadness that may have turned me into a blubbering mess But thanks to the undercurrent of sensuality and tenderness I was a blubbering mess with a smile on my faceThis author made me root for her characters despite them not being perfectly sympathetic lads No the men in Wentworth prison are brutally violent there is a rape scene that can be stomach churning so be forewarned but they are also lonely and longing for affection More than anything they feel real Protection is set in England’s 1930’s and the author did enough research to get the ambiance right as she tells the bittersweet story of a young doctor Joey who falls from grace when he is accused of the gross neglect and following death of a pregnant woman Within the prison walls the noble and attractive young man soon finds that he’s the weakest among the wolves When he captures the interest of the leader of the pack Gabriel his immediate future looks bleak“They won’t help you” Gabriel said softly “You know I tell you true I’ll help you I’ll protect you But I’ll have payment Pick up the cigarette Let me light it Tell every man in Wentworth you’re my girl I’ll go to my grave defending you and expect no than a kiss before bed at night Or thereabouts” he added grinning“I’m no girl” Cooper said lips curling back from even white teeth“My boy then Or just mine But pick up the goddamn cigarette before the Lovelies decide to give it a go Eight against one is hard odds even for me”Protection kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time Or rather I arrived at the office with blue purplish bags underneath my eyes because I read on when I should’ve gone to bed It was impossible to put down If I have to mention one thing that I liked less though it’s probably that due to the novella length the big leap from trauma to something else entirely between the MCs felt a tad rushed A somewhat slower progression would’ve been plausible Oh and although I personally adored the subtle ending an ending that isn’t at odds with the bittersweet story that comes before it for a change outstanding if you’d rather have a dash of sap or a huge splash of it you’ll be pleased with the included Coda that offers an alternative endingearlier ramblingsI just remembered how much I hate going to the dentist Hate itMoving this one to my probably not shelf But then again who knew that prison life could be this fucking awesome?

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    I so so so liked this bookShock the heck out of me but I did I typically can’t handle this kind of violenceprison non con borders right along my hard limit But something about the way the author writes Gabriel makes him sympathetic despite his horrendous actions Conflicted lonely uncertain brutal but proving that LOVE can bring out the best in anyoneReading the relationship between Gabriel and Joey grow from force and hatred to something beautiful was painfully exuisite And as Gabe’s love for Joey grew he continually demonstrated sacrificewanting someone else's best interest above your own Being the sap that I am I was very thankful for the author’s CODA Helped me digest it all I may have to read this one again

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    How to review? Firstly I have to say this is not my normal choice of story I much prefer my nice safe comfort reads But saying that this certainly kept my interest In the begining I was unsure of this story and almost reluctant to read but without realizing it I was half way through and totally conected to Joey and Gabe The begining was hard to get through for me and I disliked even hated Gabe at that time He was a conundrum at times One moment a champion of the underdog the next a mean bully only interested in himself Joey I felt for imediately Firstly convicted of a crime he didn't do then attacked almost imediately His response and thoughts after were totally believable and heart wrenching After the start I couldn't see how things could evolve but when they did it felt right and real The story that unfolds is heartbreaking A telling of human emotions and suffering A very gritty read no sappy hearts and flowers love story although towards the end the love is definitely there I have to congratulate her on the dialog too In a lot of books especially ones set back in time I find myself stoping to uestion things that are said or the way they are said But in this case I felt very much like I was eaves dropping on a real mans prison in the 1930's Miz Reid certainly held my interest through out and is an author I would look out forRecomended but not for the fainthearted For anyone looking for something outside their comfort zone Worth the riskETA I finally got around to reading the free short epilogue I was hesitant to read as I thought the ending for Protection was fitting and would be spoiled by something I was wrong The short add on fits perfectly Read S A Reids reasoning here or just the add on here I have been thinking of this book recently and after talking it over with myself lol I've decided this really was worth 5 stars so I'm upping my rating

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    oh my god This is beautiful A work of art Why isn't everyone reading this? NOW

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    Gabriel MacKenna is a hard man Sentenced to life in prison for a double murder he is determined to be nobody's boy He will do whatever is necessary to protect himself; no man will force him into a homosexual act and he will yield to no one In 1931 England prison is a hard reality And Gabriel will be the hardest man thereDr Joseph Cooper enters Wentworth Prison sentenced for a mistake A God awful mistake Killing a woman and her unborn baby He walks into prison with his head held high innocent not knowing the danger all around him Young handsome and very vulnerableWhen Gabriel sees Joey he decides he needs punishing and as had man at Wentworth he is just the man to do it So when Joey enters the showers Gabriel follows and takes what he wants leaving Joey a broken bloody raped mess And then adds insult to injury and becomes his cellmateJoey would rather die than face rape again And tells Gabriel so And then tells him his story What got him in prison what destroyed his life All men in prison are innocent it is the oldest story in the book But somethingtouches Gabriel and changes his mind He desires Joey like he has never desired anything in his life But he will not take it He will protect him but not force Not againAs time passes the two forge a truce of sorts But will Joey ever forgive Gabriel? hat drove Gabriel to commit the murders that have him in prison? And what kind of future is there for these two men in the life in which they are trapped? This book this stunning harsh broken heart of a book took me to places I did not want to go showed me things I did not want to see but then Then it taunted me with hope and love and redemption and pain and heartbreak And damn it I wanted it I wanted these two men to have a future against the odds and the circumstances and the realities I wanted like they wantedBut because in this place where he'd lost so much when nearly every comfort had been taken away he alone had the power to forgive Gabriel And with the realization of his power came the sweet temptation to use itPower where least expected Love and romance where most dangerous Where can it all lead? Somewhere bittersweet somewhere fine somewhere terribleRead this with your heart SA Reid has made me open mine grabbing me and never letting goTom

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    Yay Once again not reading the blurbs pays off I did know this was a prison book not always my favorite setting given the real possibility of hardship and sorrow and this book certainly had that but it also had Much I love that inter wars period which is so rich for mining stories of society changing at galloping speed and that's certainly reflected in the plot and theme of this story Gabriel MacKenna and Joseph Cooper meet in the only place they could've given their socialeducational circles prison They don't meet pretty But after that it's a love story pure and simple It's about people living and finding pockets of joy in the direst of circumstances For Gabriel so aptly named Joey ends up being everything he never knew he wanted or deserved Gabriel's cock had stiffened the moment Cooper placed the lit cigarette between those perfect lips It was like watching and angel tempted into sin delicious painful and impossible to witness without suffering almost eually in the processAnd Joey ever the pragmatist but also fiercely loyal I loved them both Lots It ends on a realistic note and if you need there's a CODA which came with the paperback edition You could read it or not It may bring you comfort I thought it was sweet

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